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So your book is finished...

Now what? The task of learning how to publish your book seems almost unsurmountable. Do you go the standard route of sending out query letters and hope for the best? Or do you publish it yourself?


If you choose the second option, then I'm here to help. You're not a techie. Just trying to figure out what they mean when they talk about leading, kerning, and justification sounds like a foreign language to you. You don't have to go it alone though.


I'm here to help you learn how to self publish a book. From formatting and typesetting, to learning which platform to publish through, from uploading to Amazon Kindle®, to IngramSpark®, I can help you get your masterpiece out into the world.


I can offer you as few, or as many, services you might need to get your book into the hands of your readers. I can even offer to do a screen-sharing session to walk you through the setup and submission of your project to the respective sites.


So you focus on the writing, and I'll help you with the technical stuff. All for an investment that's sure to be affordable. So what are you waiting for? Your consultation in free, so there's no reason to delay.


Contact me today and learn how easily you can become a self-publisher. Don't wait.

Now Available!

Samuel: A man, hospitalized and with no memory of his past, races against time to learn the secrets of the strange dragon-shaped jewelry attached to his arm while trying to stay one step ahead of the police. Can he remember his past before it catches up to him and the world is changed forever?


Cora: When her only suspect of a mass homicide escapes from their guarded hospital room, she races against time to try and find him. As bodies continue to pile up in his wake, a mysterious redhead appears to be hunting him as well. Is she friend… or foe. More importantly, is Samuel responsible for the slaughter, or possibly the next victim. Can Cora find him before time runs out?

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Imagine... Making friends and influencing people with the power of NLP!


Do you have a difficult time making friends? How about at work? Do you have issues with getting people to see your side? Or maybe you'd just like to become a more effective communicator. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) can help.


In this book:


  • Learn why NLP's so powerful when it comes to helping you develop rapport with others
  • Find out what key skills you need to develop in order to be a more effective communicator
  • Discover what word is music to your listener's ears... and how to never forget it!


Become a wizard at negotiations or the life of the party with NLP


With the techniques covered in this book, you'll learn how to get into other people's heads, discover how they see the world, and lead them to a win/win situation.  Click here for more info!

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